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1) Questions about the facility

1-1) What if I am a beginner to the trampoline? Will I be all right?

trAmpoland is a facility designed for the beginner, so if this is the first time for you, you will be perfectly all right to jump, as long as you are careful.
However, the trampoline is a potentially dangerous sport, and there is always danger of a serious accident occurring, up to and including death.
Do not under any circumstances try any unreasonable somersaults, for somersaulting failure in particular is the cause of many serious injuries.
Carefully reread <Confirmation of Waiver> in the Web Membership Pre-registration page.

1-2) May I observe?

Observing is free. Just tell the receptionist that you want to observe.

1-3) Are there lockers, changing rooms and shower facilities?

We have lockers and changing rooms, but no shower facilities.

1-4) Do you have free Wi-fi?

Yes we are providing free wi-fi connection.

1-5) Are we permitted to bring our own food and beverages?

For beverages, please make use of the vending machines on the premises.
At present, we allow you to bring food. Please take responsibility for taking your empty containers or leftovers with you when you leave.

2)Questions about fees (sign up and jump fees)

2-1)  How much does it cost?

In order to jump, a first-time visitor must pay 1) a membership registration fee and 2) a jumping fee.

1) A membership registration fee is 550 yen, payable only once, on your first visit. This includes a pair of trampoline socks at no extra charge.
2) Fees for jumping are as follows: 1,650 yen for 60 minutes; 2,150 yen for 90 minutes; 2,580 yen for 120 minutes (dependent on the day of the week or the congestion of the facility, jumping times of 90 minutes or longer may not be available).

2-2) What are the age requirements for “kids”?

Kids are children between the age of three and kindergarten. Children first grade and older are general admission.
(For safety’s sake, pre-elementary school children 110 cm tall or taller will be considered to be of elementary school age.)
The Tokyo facility has “Kids’ Time” (weekend and holiday mornings); the Saitama facility has a dedicated (full-time) area for your use.
Children under three may not jump, but each facility has a fitness trampoline that they can use for free.

2-3) Do guardians or those accompanying jumpers have to pay?

Non-participants such as guardians do not have to pay to enter the facility.

3)Questions about membership sign up

3-1) Do the guardians of jumpers have to sign up?

Everyone who jumps must sign up as a member. People accompanying jumpers may enter the facility without paying a fee.

3-2)  Is it possible to sign up on the day I first come to the facility?

Yes, you can sign up at the trAmpoland reception desk. It will require 5 or 10 minutes of your time; however, we recommend that you make use of the Web sign up feature, as this will make your visit proceed more smoothly.

3-3) Does membership expire?

There is no expiration date on membership. You may also use your membership at any of our locations.

3-4) I did not receive a membership card. What should I do the next time I come?

Just give your name and date of birth to the receptionist.

4)Questions about reservations

4-1) Can I make a reservation?

Yes. Please use reservation request form.
You can make reservations from up to 30 days in advance until 72 hours prior to your reservation date.
At present, you cannot make a reservation by other means (email or phone, for example).
You will need an Amazon Japan account in order to pay online. (we only accept Amazon Pay)
To Amazon Japan
To Web Reservation page

4-2)Is there any way that I can jump without a web reservation?

We reserve plenty of space (about 50%) for same-day use, so that you can feel free to drop in without a reservation.
(When facility is crowded, you may have to wait.)
To be certain of obtaining your desired time you will have to make an online reservation.
To Web Reservation page

4-3)I made a reservation, but I won’t be able to go at that time.Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel (must cancel entire reservation) on our Cancellations page.
(There is a cancellation charge)
To Cancellation page

4-4)I made a mistake when I made my online reservation. Can I change it?

Our system does not presently allow for changes such as number of people or times.
Please cancel the entire reservation on our Cancellations page.
(Refunds will be made through Amazon Pay within a day or two. There is a cancellation charge.)
Once you have made the cancellation, make a new reservation at our website.
If you receive a Sold Out message and are unable to complete your reservation, send us an email to the address posted on our Cancellations page.
To Cancellation page

4-5)One member of our group is suddenly unable to come. What should I do?

It can create difficulties when you try to cancel part of a reservation and then make a new one. In such a case, we make an exception, so please contact us by email or phone before 8 p.m. (20:00) the day before (there will be no cancellation charge if you contact us one day or more in advance).

4-6) I can’t advance to the Amazon Pay page. What should I do?

First try refreshing (reloading) the page.
If that does not work, try using another device (smartphone or PC) to complete the process.
If you still cannot make it work, send us an email to the address below.

4-7) What is the cancellation charge? When will I get my money back?

For cancellation charges, see the Cancellation page below.
Refunds will be made within a day or two through your Amazon account.
To Cancellation page

4-8)Can I make a reservation for more than 60 minutes on a weekend?

Web reservations on weekends and holidays are in principle limited to 60 minutes.
Those days are crowded, and many people who come from some distance away during the day are time limited in their need to return home. That is why we have a 60 minute time limit on reservations.
If space is available, you may be able to extend your jumping time. Feel free to contact our staff in this regard.

4-9) Can I reserve the entire facility?

The entire facility can be reserved for 60 minutes up to 30 days before you wish to jump.
If you wish to reserve the entire facility, please make your application via Exclusive use page on each trampoland location.

5)Questions about congestion

5-1) Are the weekends crowded? How long will I have to wait?

The most crowded hours are on weekends and holidays (particularly Sunday) from 10:00 a.m. until noon (10:00-12:00) and from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. (14:00-16:00).
You are not as likely to have to wait if you avoid these hours.
However, please note that we are sometimes fully booked.
To be sure you can jump at your desired time, you should use our Web Reservations page (until one day in advance).
To Web Reservation page(until one day in advance)

We publish congestion conditions daily on the trAmpoland Twitter page, so you can check conditions in advance.
Tokyo bayside Facility / Saitama Facility / Tokyo Facility

5-2) Is there a place to spend our time while we wait?

At trAmpoland Tokyo Bayside and Saitama, we have an area furnished with table and sofa that you are welcome to use while you wait.
At trAmpoland Tokyo, waiting space is limited. There are, however, restaurants in the area for your use while you wait. We recommend that you use a family restaurant and other eating and drinking establishments near trAmpoland Tokyo.

6)Questions about lessons

6-1) Do you offer lessons?

trAmpoland is a trampoline park facility where people jump unsupervised, and as such we do not offer lessons in somersaulting or other acrobatics.
However, we do feature a constantly running video in the facility that teaches the basics of jumping. If you have never tried the trampoline before, you should first watch this video.
Also, if you have any questions about how to jump or getting the hang of it, please feel free to ask one of our staff members.
You can also pick up a pointer or two from one of our employees who is not too busy.。
(Some of our employees have trampoline and apparatus exercise experience, but not all. Moreover, employees are forbidden to touch a customer, so they cannot assist you.)

7)Questions about somersaults

7-1)  Can I do somersaults?

Standards differ at each facility, so check the details below.

<At Tokyo Bayside and Saitama>
Facility has a trampoline airbag, so that even those who have never tried somersaulting may attempt forward somersaults only.
Jumpers who are experienced in somersaults may do so at will on their own responsibility (after checking all the boxes in <Confirmation on Waiver>) within designated trampoline area.

<At Tokyo>
Attempted somersaulting is not allowed for jumpers who have never somersaulted before.
Jumpers who are experienced in somersaults may do so at will on their own responsibility (after checking all the boxes in <Confirmation on Waiver>)

8)Questions about glasses, clothing, personal belongings

8-1) May I jump with my glasses on?

If you are doing mild standing jumps, you should be able to jump with glasses on (especially sports glasses).
If you wish to do strong jumps or tricks (such as belly flops), your face may come into contact with the trampoline surface, so in that case, keeping your glasses on may prove dangerous.
If you keep your glasses on when jumping into the pit (sponge pool), you might lose them.
If at all possible, you should take off your glasses before jumping, but because trampoline experience levels vary so greatly among customers, it would be best if you consult with one of our staff members when you visit.

8-2) Do I need to bring anything special?

You do not need to bring anything special, but the trampoline is more exercise than you might think, and you could get sweaty, so it would be a good idea to bring a change of shirt.

9)Questions about injury

9-1) If I am injured, is there insurance?

We have insurance to cover major injuries (death, injuries with permanent or long-lasting aftereffects), but there is no insurance available to cover minor injuries. In principle, these are your own responsibility.
Carefully reread <Confirmation of Waiver> in the pre-registration page.
To Web Membership Pre-registration page

10) Regarding supervision

10-1) May elementary age children jump without adult supervision?

- We ask that all elementary school age children be accompanied by an adult supervisor (at least one adult for every five children).
Supervising adults may enter free of charge.
The trampoline is a potentially dangerous sport that can cause injury or even death.
Membership sign up is through our Web Pre-registration page, so sign up must be made with the consent of each child’s guardian.
At that time, we ask that each guardian carefully read <Confirmation of Waiver> in its entirety.
To Web Membership Pre-registration page
- For middle school age children, we ask that an adult supervisor be present if at all possible, even if it is only one child.

11)Other Questions

11-1) Is there a weight limit for jumpers?

Jumpers may weigh up to 130 kilos.