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1) Questions about the facility

1-1) What if I am a beginner to the trampoline? Will I be all right?

Trampoland is a facility for beginners to experts.
Anyone can enjoy trampolining by taking it easy and jumping at first.
However, trampolining is a potentially dangerous sport, and there is always a risk of serious accidents, including death.
Failure to perform somersaults in particular can result in serious injury, so please be aware of the risks involved and do not overdo it.

1-2) May I observe?

Observing is free. Just tell the receptionist that you want to observe.

1-3) Are there lockers, changing rooms and shower facilities?

We have lockers and changing rooms, but no shower facilities.

1-4) Do you have free Wi-fi?

Yes we are providing free wi-fi connection.

1-5) Are we permitted to bring our own food and beverages?

You are welcome to bring your own, but please use the vending machines in the facility as much as possible.
Please take your own trash with you.

1-6) Is Parking Free of Charge?

Tokyo Bayside facility and Saitama facility have free parking in front of their stores.
The Tokyo facility will provide one 60-minute service coupon per car for affiliated coin parking.

2)Questions about fees (sign up and jump fees)

2-1)  How much does it cost?

Regular area rates are 1,650 yen for 60 minutes, 2,150 yen for 90 minutes, and 2,580 yen for 120 minutes.
Sales may be limited to relieve congestion at each facility depending on the season and the crowded conditions.
For safety reasons, use of the regular area is limited to elementary school students and older.

2-2) How much is Kids Area (or Kids Time)?

Regular fee is 1,100 yen for 60 minutes (some stores charge 1,600 yen for 90 minutes depending on the day of the week).
Kids' Area (Kids' Time) is available only for children over 3 years old and under elementary school age.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (free of charge).

2-3) Do guardians or those accompanying jumpers have to pay?

Non-participants such as guardians do not have to pay to enter the facility.

3)Questions about My Page Registration

3-1) What is My Page Registration?

In order to jump at Trampoland, you are required to agree to the Pledge and register your information. Since May 2022, we shift to a My Page registration system, and reservations can be made after completing registration. You can also register your family members under your My Page. Please note that customers who registered before May 2022 will need to newly register on My Page.

3-2) Is accompanying parent need to register?

Parents (if not using the trampoline) do not need to register, but can register for their children by using Add Family Member in the Parents' My Page.

3-3) When can I register?

You can register at any time. You can do this when you make your first reservation or on the day of your visit.
A valid e-mail address is required to register for My Page.

3-4) Does my membership expire?

Once registered, My Page does not expire. You can also change your My Page information or delete your information (cancel your membership).
However, customers who have already reserved a ticket cannot cancel their membership. If you wish to use Trampoland after canceling your membership, you will need to register My Page again.

3-5) I was not given a membership card, how should I use it in the future?

Trampoland does not issue membership cards. If you have a reservation, we will confirm your admission by displaying your ticket. If you are using Trampoland on the day of your visit without a reservation, please display the My QR Code on My Page to be processed.

4)Questions about reservations

4-1) Can I make a reservation?

Yes, you can make a reservation from the reservation page. Depending on the time of use and availability, you can make a reservation on the day. Also, we accept reservations up to 30 days in advance. You need to register My Page to make a reservation. You can use a credit card or AmazonPay to settle your reservation. Reservation Page Link

4-2)Is there any way that I can jump without a web reservation?

You can use it without reservation, but we do not sell it on the day of admission when it is already sold out by reservation, so please make reservation as much as possible. Depending on the time, you can make a reservation on the day. Also, we will inform you of the reception on the day in the order of arrival.

4-3)I made a reservation, but I won’t be able to go at that time.Can I cancel?

You can cancel the reservation from the purchase history of My Page until the day before use for free of charge. However, if the transfer of the ticket is completed, you cannot cancel it, so please be careful. If you cancel on the day of your reservation, you can receive a cancellation handling charge for 500 yen per reservation. If you would like to cancel on the day, please contact the following. Message Form

4-4)Can I change the reservation contents (number of people, date and time of use)?

No, You cannot change the reservation after it is confirmed. If it is within the due date (until the day before use), please cancel the reservation by yourself and make a reservation again with your desired content. If it is a sudden change on the day, please contact us at the store. Message Form

4-5)I am having trouble making a reservation, what should I do?

Depending on your smartphone model or browser, errors may occur such as the reservation page not displaying properly.
Please make your reservation from another device (smartphone, tablet, computer) or another browser (internet browsing application) that is connected to the Internet.

4-6) I don't know how to give (transfer) my ticket to a non-family member.

If you wish to give a ticket to someone other than your family member (other than the person registered on My Page), the person receiving the ticket must also be registered on Trampoland My Page.
Please click the "Online Ticket Confirmation" link below the ticket QR code or on the ticket purchase information page. Please note that the transfer ticket URL is different for each ticket when multiple tickets are handed over.
Please complete the handover before your visit to ensure smooth service.

4-7) Can children without smartphones enter the facility?

Ticket QR codes can also be used for admission by image only. Please bring the printed ticket QR code or share the image on messaging app with a parent or guardian who will be visiting the facility with them.

4-8)I have vouchers or free tickets, can I use them for web reservations?

Yes, you can. However, please make a reservation online at the fixed price and hand the voucher or free ticket to the staff at the reception desk on the day of use. The difference will be refunded to the credit card used to make the reservation.

4-9) I would like to know the cancellation fee and when it will be refunded.

YThere is no charge if you cancel your ticket at least one day prior to your visit. Refunds will be processed to the credit card used for payment, but it may take some time for the refund to be processed. Cancellations or changes on the day of your reservation will be charged a fee of 500 yen per reservation. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form or contact the store directly (available during business hours only).
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4-10) I don't see any 90- or 120-minute tickets, can I still purchase them?

The tickets being sold may vary depending on the store, date and time, and the number of tickets remaining.
Tickets not indicated cannot be purchased.
However, depending on the congestion on the day of your visit, you may be able to extend your visit by 30 minutes.
(Please ask our staff about extensions on the day of your visit.)
Please note that the earliest available time may change depending on the ticket type you choose.

4-11) Can I use the facility for private or group use?

Yes, please contact us at least 30 days prior to your desired date of use whenever possible for exclusive or group rentals.
Please use the inquiry form in the charter information section of each location page to contact us.
We also accept group use by schools, companies, and groups (complete charter or group use during business hours).
Our facilities are used for school trips, corporate event, etc.
For inquiries about group use, please click here.

5)Questions about congestion

5-1) How crowded are the weekends and holidays?

It depends on the location and time, but if you don't have a reservation, we may inform you to use it up to a few hours ahead. Please make a reservation as much as possible. It tends to be less crowded toward evening time on weekends and holidays

5-2) Is there a place to spend our time while we wait?

At trAmpoland Tokyo Bayside and Saitama, we have an area furnished with table and sofa that you are welcome to use while you wait.
At trAmpoland Tokyo, waiting space is limited. There are, however, restaurants in the area for your use while you wait. We recommend that you use a family restaurant and other eating and drinking establishments near trAmpoland Tokyo.

6)Questions about lessons

6-1) Do you offer lessons?

trAmpoland is a trampoline park facility where people jump unsupervised, and as such we do not offer lessons in somersaulting or other acrobatics.
However, we do feature a constantly running video in the facility that teaches the basics of jumping. If you have never tried the trampoline before, you should first watch this video.
Also, if you have any questions about how to jump or getting the hang of it, please feel free to ask one of our staff members.
You can also pick up a pointer or two from one of our employees who is not too busy.。
(Some of our employees have trampoline and apparatus exercise experience, but not all. Moreover, employees are forbidden to touch a customer, so they cannot assist you.)

7)Questions about somersaults

7-1)  Can I do somersaults?

Yes, but depending on the facility, there is a limit to the place where you can do somersault. Please ask the staff of each facility for details. Also, it is prohibited to perform a somersault of more than 2 rotations in all places. Also, I ask you to recognize that somersault with trampoline for the first time is a very dangerous act. Tokyo Bayside and Saitama have air bag areas for beginner. First of all, I recommend that you experience a front salt using an air bag. (Rear salt with an air bag is prohibited.) Also, if the staff judges it dangerous, we may ask customers to refrain from a somersault.

8)Questions about belongings (clothes and glasses)

8-1) Are there any specific clothes or things you need to bring?

Please make sure to use Trampoland original grip socks. For first time use, please purchase socks (1 pair is 300 yen). There is no particular dress code, but we recommend you to wear something that is easy to move around in. Also, please refrain from wearing it with a skirt.

8-2) Can you jump with glasses?

Yes, but glasses may fly to unexpected places due to strong movement or somersault. Please use a strap for sports grass or remove it as long as it does not interfere with the trampoline experience.

9)Question about accompanying guardian

9-1) Can it be used only by children?

An trampoline can potentially cause injuries or accidents. If children come to the store by themselves, we may not be able to take necessary measures immediately in the event of an accident. Therefore, if possible, parents or guardians should come to the store together (or as a group leader). There is no usage fee if it is accompanied by a guardian (only for observing nearby).

10) Other questions

10-1) Are there any age or weight restrictions?

There is no age limit, but those who weigh more than 120 kg should refrain from using trampoland facilities. Also, if you are worried about strenuous exercise, please consult your doctor before using the facility.

10-2) Is it possible to do media coverage and recording using facilities?

Yes, we will take care of it as much as possible after confirming the contents of the coverage, shooting and planning, so please inquire from the inquiry form. Depending on the content of the project, we can take pictures outside of office hours or during regular holidays, so please consult with us about your request. Message Form